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The Tech Evolution And How We All Fit In


The Tech Evolution And How We All Fit In

The entire population of the world now can be best divided among four generations: the Baby Boomers, the Generation X, the Millennials, and the Centennials. In between the tech evolution,  these generations have been affected by the change either on their behavior or life styles.  

Each of these generations have their own distinct characteristics that draw the line where the generation starts and ends, and were brought about by different factors in their lives such as the values that they grew up learning, the status of economy and life, global situation, and technological advancements and availability.

For instance, many Baby Boomers and Generation X are not as adept with the technology of today than Millennials or Centennials because they were used to the previous forms of technology. Nor are they particularly reliant on them – they grew up with more manual means of doing their work, after all.

Millennials and Centennials use computers and print out documents, but Baby Boomers and Generation X had to do their work handwritten.

Millennials and Centennials can connect with anyone from anywhere around the globe with a single device, Generation X had to rely on bulky and multiple gadgets such as a telephone or a beeper, while Baby Boomers had to wait for weeks or months for a reply on their correspondence.

These are just small examples of how the generations have such a gap due to technology developing at such breakneck speeds.

We’ve moved from letters to email and mobile messaging in a span of three generations, and it’s only growing with the next. And this knowledge is something that businesses need to keep in mind when they want to target a specific generation for their organizational goals to be met, because technology did not only influence the way people work and connect, but also their inherent values.

BrainBoxol explores the four generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Centennials – fit in the tech evolution. You can see the details in this infographic:


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